Why ride offroad in Mexico??

May 18th, 2018

After visiting places like Glamis, ocotillo wells, coral canyon, pine valley, Pismo beach, and other riding parks in California I still find myself heading back to Baja. Why??, well because it's way better !!!

I have never ridden anywhere where I felt freer and wasn't worried about riding in the wrong area, going outside the boundaries of the park, or just finding somewhere to park your truck and trailer.

The trails in Baja stretch out in front of you forever. It's like a dream for quad and bikes riders with so many different trails and terrain types you wouldn't believe. You can quickly go from wide open fire roads to tight single track switchbacks, from barren desert to water-filled valleys and wooded areas, from the pine forests (yes there are pine forests in Baja) and end the day on the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Just about an hour south of the border and your right in the middle of "offroad country," it seems like everyone either ride or love to watch the races go by while they camp out on the most remote part of the course so they can see a good show.

Baja California is home to one of the most well known and respected offroad races in the world the "Baja 1000". Every year in the fall you can see these monster vehicles heading south to take this 1000 mile engine punishing, suspension torturing race that will take you on the some of the most gruesome trails you can think of.

So why Baja??...
Cause there is no better place. So, grab your friends, grab your family, don't forget your passport and let us show you why we love to ride so much.

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