Frequently Asked Questions

Where does California Motorsport Adventours ride?

Our tours generally operate south of the border, visiting locations throughout the areas between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. All tours will begin in the sand dunes just south of Rosarito, our hourly rentals also operate out of this area.

How much will my adventure cost?

Nearly all tours will be customized to the groups needs causing variations in tour price. We offer hourly rentals as well as multiple day tours. For best results contact the office and talk to us about your tour needs. Discounts apply to groups over 8 riders and children 16 and younger.

When is payment required?

We require a 10% non-refundable deposit upon booking; this will reserve your vehicles for that day. The final payment is due by check or cash on the day of, or by credit card prior to the tour date. Split payment can be arranged, call the office for more details.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time, though the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit paid can be used for any future tour or rental you book through us. This option expires 1 year from the reservation date, though you may contact us to extend the expiration date. No shows will be charged to the credit card on file.

How do I book my tour?

Call us! This is the best form of booking as most tours must be customized. The more information we have, the better our service will be.

What's included in my adventure?

Professional tour guides. All of our guides have extensive off-road experience and demonstrate a broad knowledge of the riding areas. They are First Aid certified and thoroughly trained for all riding scenarios.
Complete riding gear (on request). This includes: helmet, goggles, gloves, riding pants, and riding shirt. Dirt bike boots are provided for dirt bike riders, but Quad riders are expected to provide sturdy close toed shoes. Leave your sandals and heels for after the tour.
Lunch is the only meal provided. If you would like to add dinner onto your tour this can be arranged. The dinner package is not necessary for multiple day tours as restaurants are located either in your hotel or a short walk down the road.
Multiple day tours include all accommodations. We will provide lodging at hotels and ranchos. All accommodations are double occupancy. Single rider fees apply if your plan to ride solo in our tours. Hotel upgrades can be made as well.
Bottled water is supplied through out the tour.
On tours 5 days or longer our support vehicles will carry your luggage, medical equipment, food, drinks, spare parts, and supplies.
Assistance with trailside repairs, daily maintenance and fuel.
Satellite phone is carried by sweep rider when cell phone coverage is not available. This allows worldwide communications in the event of an emergency.
Air evacuation from Mexico in the event of an emergency.
Rides average 40 - 125 miles per day depending upon groups preferences.
Customization can and will be made for all tours.
A thrilling and exceptional Adventour.

What should I wear riding an ATV or Dirtbike?

If you choose to rent gear from us, you must come wearing certain items of clothing and you should expect to have to change into the gear in a public setting.
You should wear thin shorts, think running or board shorts, for under the riding pants.
You should wear tank top or short sleeve shirt under the riding top.
You should wear socks and a pair of close toed shoes.

How many people will be in the tour?

There will be at least 1 guide per 5 riders. Separate groups will not be combined if they exhibit different levels of riding. In other words, we don’t combine advanced riders with beginners of a separate group. We want your tour to be the best we can provide, your tour will be fitted to your riding needs.

Can I book a private adventure?

Though booking a private tour is not always necessary, there are times when it would be. Most tours get their own guide, in the event of a busy day with many riders of the same skill level, we would combine groups. If you are booked on a busy day and would prefer your own guide, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

What should I bring?

We recommend that you bring a small back pack to hold your personal items; such as wallet, identification, snacks, sunscreen, lip balm, and an extra pair of socks for after the tour. You will not need to have your pack on you during the first portion of the tour, it’s when you are in the trails that you, or a member of your group, should have a pack to hold bottled water. All ATV riders must bring a pair of close toed shoe for riding during the tour. If you plan to bring your own riding gear you must have an off road helmet, goggles, and gloves. If you will be riding a dirt bike you must also bring a pair of off road boots. It is very important that you bring your picture ID (for US citizens until December 2007) or your passport and Visa (for Non US citizens). Children are advised to bring a copy of their birth certificate.

What if I crash or get hurt?

Throughout our history of riding in Baja our tours have had few isolated incidents worth mentioning, making our crash record a somewhat boring one. Off road riding is not the safest sport around, and maybe that’s the draw for people like us, and things do happen. We know that prevention is the first step. Our guides are trained to understand each individual rider, evaluating them throughout the first half of the tour. Then, once in the trails, our guides are able to set the pace accordingly. The best form of prevention is riding within your abilities. Respect the trails, other riders, and the machine you are on. Recognize a potentially dangerous situation before it becomes a problem. If you are tired, say so. Your ride is only as dangerous as you make it. When even preventive action fails it comes down to reaction. Each guide is equipped with first aid gear and communication devices (satellite phone and walkie talkie) and is trained to handle all circumstances no matter where they happen. A doctor is on call at all times and is familiar with our tours and the areas we ride, allowing him to reach us within minutes of receiving the call. In the event of an emergency we contact the Binational Emergency Evacuation Service, who can extract the injured from any remote location throughout Mexico. We strongly recommend that you purchase Travel Accident Insurance that will cover such medical incidents. Contact our office for more information on your options. The process is easy and can cost as little as $15 per day.

Should I bring extra money on my adventure?

Yes. The tour does not cover any alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, phone calls, room charges, and gratuity. You can pay in American dollars while in Mexico. Don’t expect to find an ATM everywhere you go. Plan to bring cash.

What kind of weather can I expect on my adventure?

The weather in Baja North is nearly identical to Southern California. In other words, the weather is lovely. Summer temperature averages between 75 to 80 degrees, though our riding locations on the ocean and in the mountains keep the temperature moderate. Winter temperatures average 70 during the day, though it can drop at night and a jacket may be a good idea as the sun begins to set. We have few rainy days during this season. We ride rain or shine. Fall and Spring temperatures have the ideal riding weather and the surround plant life is at it’s healthiest. Fall through Spring is also Glamis season.

Do you rent riding gear?

We do rent riding gear. Riders on our tour will receive helmet, goggles, gloves, riding pants, riding shirt, and dirt bike boots for dirt bike riders. ATV riders must bring close toed shoes. Basic riding gear is included in quad/dirt bike rentals. This means helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots for bike rentals only. If you are providing your own riding gear you must have the basic gear of helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots for dirt bike riders.

Do you have an age limit?

We do not have any age limits. As long as the individual can safely control and ride the chosen vehicle, they can ride with us. We have had kids as young as 5 years old, and adults as old as 70. Take into consideration that all riding is paced according to the slowest rider.

How much riding experience do I need?

Our tours are great for both the beginner and the advanced rider. We are able to accommodate all levels of experience. All you need is a respect for the machine and the guides. Our guides will instruct each rider on how to safely ride his/her off road machine. In order to enjoy the tour you must pay close attention to the guide throughout the day, they know what they are talking about. Ask questions!

Is Baja safe?

We love Baja, we wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t. You’ve heard so many horror stories about Tijuana and some other big cities, but the truth is we don’t go into the big cities. The fact that Baja is so unknown is what causes the fear that some people have, it isn’t the United States. It’s different, and that’s why we travel there. In all of our years doing these tours, we don’t have one single horror story to share with you. Sorry.

What kind of vehicles do you have?

We ride Honda. Our quads vary from full automatic, semi-automatic, and full manual. This allows us to properly match the rider to the correct off road vehicle. Our dirt bikes range from the CRF 230, XR 400, and the CRF 450x. There are some other bikes available for rentals only.

What is the terrain like?

Sand Dunes: We used to ride in the sand dunes by the ocean, but no longer. About a year ago the owners sold off the best riding area for condo construction. Now the sand dunes are half the size, and sadly, also quite dirty. We do not bring our tours to the sand dunes any more. We may be able to accommodate special requests, but you can expect a van ride to get there and to be bored after 15 minutes. Private Race Ranch: We are very proud of this recent addition to our tours. We have created a great warm up track in the mountains to replace the sand dunes. There are two parts to the track, and we are constantly working to improve and expand it. It’s a great place to get a feel for how your machine operates, use your time here to get comfortable. It’s here that you will prepare yourself for the rugged mountain trails. Our guides will watch you carefully and provide you with all the riding tips you’ll need. By the end of your time here you are ready for the trails. Mountain Trails: After your time in the sand dunes you will head into the mountain trails. There are hills of varying vertical climbs and descents; there are 90 degree turns, ravines and valleys, and rocks of all sizes. The riding here is much more technical and challenging. During the start of the trails you will share the road with local ranchers and their animals, so be aware of what is coming up ahead of you. Stay behind the guide and put enough space between you and the rider ahead of you. Riding on the mountain trails depends on how safely our guide feels you can control your vehicle. That means spend your time in the dunes getting comfortable in your understanding of the quad or dirt bike. Test yourself but keep a level head. Ask questions of the guide, they have been riding many years and can instruct and guide you for safer and more consistent riding.

Can we ride ATV's or Motorcycles on the beach?

As mentioned before, we no longer ride on the sand dunes by the beach. The riding area is no longer sufficient for our tours. Special requests can be made to visit the dunes, but you can expect a van ride and a boring experience. Please let us know in advance if this is something you would like during your tour.

What documents do i need to go to cross into Mexico from San Diego?

The rules for travel between the United States and Mexico have recently changed and there are specific documents that you will need in order to reenter the USA. US Citizens you will be required to have one of the two following options: 1. Valid Drivers License/State issued picture ID and Birth Certificate 2. Passport Non-US Citizens are advised to contact the Mexico consulate to inquire about specific documents needed to travel between the two countries. In most cases a passport is sufficient; all individuals must have any applicable visa documents. Please know that in 2009 all individuals traveling between the USA and Mexico must have a valid passport.

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