Crossing the border with minors/ATV tour for kids

May 15th, 2018

We often get questions about age limits and restrictions on our tours for ATVs and dirtbikes.

What is the youngest kid that come ride ??
In the past, we have had children as young as seven years old who were excellent riders and had a fantastic time riding with us in Baja.

Would they ride their own vehicle or can they ride with us on our quad??
Well, in most cases if they ride on their own ATV or dirtbike is up to you the parents. Most kids would jump at the chance of riding a motorcycle by themselves, but, they cant always handle it; so you have to let us know if you think the little guy or girl can manage it and if you think he can follow the guides instructions.

Do you have kids size vehicles??
The short answer is Yes. We have a few smaller vehicles on both our ATVs and dirtbikes in the 50-100cc range but be sure to call for availability since they go fast.

When can we ride??
In most cases, we can set up a tour in as little as one day notice and if you are coming for our half day trip to Baja same day booking are available but call in early.

Where do your ride take place??
Well Right now with summer right around the corner and the weather heating up we are riding south of the border near the coast since the desert area and riding parks are getting a little too hot to handle. But no fear Baja California, Mexico is only a short trip away so pack you passports meet us at the border and ready for a trip the kids will remember forever.

Do the kids need a passport also??
Kids under 16 years are only required to present an original or copy of their birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or a Naturalization Certificate. But we always recommend double-checking with CBP to see what the most up to date requirements are.

And to close we do recommend to bring a change of clothes, some clean socks, and sunscreen. With all that I'm sure you will have a fantastic time riding with us and we hope to see you soon.

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