Why you should wear the proper safety gear

June 19th, 2018

Here at CMA, all our tours include your essential riding safety gear which includes: Hemet, Gloves, & Goggles. This the minimum we recommend for riding any sort or ATV or Dirtbike and even UTVs and other offroad vehicles.

So don't Worry we got you covered when it comes to gear and if you want a little extra protection if you're going to upgrade to our trail warrior package.

  • What else could I need ?? I already got the basics covered right?

Well yeah! You can ride all day with just a helmet gloves and goggles not to worry, but you have to dress the right way. If your sticking with the basics be sure to come prepared and dress in long sturdy pants (denim is recommended) a long sleeve shirt (to help keep the sun off) and some sturdy shoes something like some hiking or work boots are best, but some running shoes will work in a pinch. As a note don't use flip flops, converse or vans style thin soled shoes since this can tire you out and even cause injury while riding.

-What about riding boots?

Good question!! Riding boots are provided in our upgraded gear package so if you're looking for a little extra ankle support the upgrade I a good option. Although we only recommend taking some boots if you are riding a dirt bike and don't recommend them for ATV riders.

-Why don't you recommend riding boot for ATVs??

We don't recommend boots for Novice riders on ATVs because it takes some time to get used to wearing them and it can be uncomfortable for new riders. The Controls on an ATV are a little more compact than on dirtbikes and can require a bit more effort to shift gears and operate the break.

-Arent i more at risk if I don't use the boots?

Well really no. In our opinion after many many years of riding is that the more closed off nature of riding an ATV means your legs are far less at risk than when you are riding a dirtbike where you have to stick out your legs for better balances in the turns.

So what else comes with the trail warrior package ??

In the Upgraded Gear Package, you will get

Pants & Jersey

Elbow, kneepads, and Chest Protector


And Of course Your standard Helmet Gloves & Goggles

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