When is the best time of the year to ride an ATV in Baja?

September 28th, 2018

Some of the most beautiful vistas in the world can be admired while riding an ATV through Baja California. Featuring an arid to semi-arid climate, the region boasts spectacular granite mountain ranges, running from the north-west to the south-east, as well as no less than 3000 miles of coastline, with breathtaking bays and islands. Here, you’ll find a combination of high-end accommodation and camping areas, fine dining and street food, wine tasting and a plethora of seaside activities, such as diving and whale watching.

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Simply put, the diversity of Baja California means that you can organize your ATV trip exactly the way you want it. For instance, you can opt for a corporate event, with exciting rides taking place during the day and an exploration of vibrant nearby towns during the evenings. Alternatively, you can pack your tent, rations, and lots of water for a wild adventure. After all, nothing quite compares to sleeping under the splendid starry sky in Baja California after a long day on the trail. The choice is yours, but in order to make the best of your trip, you should bear in mind a few details about the region and its climate.

Baja California is a rather long peninsula, which means that the weather is not necessarily consistent throughout the entire territory. In general, the chances are as high as 95% that a day in winter is a sunny day. This, however, is due to the fact that the peninsula itself is located between northwestern winter storms and southern tropical thunderstorms. As such, its extreme north and south may be more affected by rain, while the central region remains mostly dry throughout the year.

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There are roughly two seasons in Baja California. June to October is basically summer time in the peninsula, which translates into temperatures as high as 40º C (or 100º F), as well as heavy rain. This is, in fact, the “hurricane season,” so riders have to watch out for consistent showers, particularly in the south. Still, summer is the most preferred season by our customers for an ATV or dirt bike riding tour.

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November to April, on the other hand, is the so-called winter season, which, in spite of its name, is actually perfect for riding an ATV. The temperatures are slightly lower, but still warm enough to permit T-shirts during the day, and throughout November and December, there are little to no chances of freezing nights. Rain is also less frequent during this time of the year, which means that most trails are accessible, while longer winter nights allow for plenty of time to rest after exciting rides. Finally, for those looking to spend some time off the ATV in-between trails, December to April is whale season as well. An encounter with a gray whale is one of the most unique experiences to be had in Baja California, so a trip to a famous whale-watching location such as Laguna Ojo de Liebre is worth serious consideration.

Regardless of the weather, at Lets ATV, we find the right time to organize events, even in the occasional snow. Chances are, if you’re up for it, so are we.

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