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November 5th, 2019

One of the most noteworthy things happening in Mexico throughout the year is off-road racing. Due to its unique geography, Mexico has some of the most incredible vast open spaces, which is why the Baja peninsula sees so much off-road action in the form of the Baja 250, the Baja 500, or the distinguished Baja 1000. The latter attracts competitors from all over the world with the help of the events held here by SCORE International.

Score International Baja 1000 Race

A True Test of Endurance

The SCORE organization never ceases to innovate in terms of its racing format, as proven by the 51st Baja 500 race that is considered to be the toughest 500-mile vehicle and bike competition in history. The 1000 category has been one of the most epic motorsport events ever since its inception in 1967. The true thrill of these races is the terrain itself. Unlike in the case of the Indy, the Daytona, or the Le Mans, it is not manmade.

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The course was initially nothing more than a way to test Honda bikes. No wonder that the constructor has amassed the most wins in the history of Baja. Although motorcycles first tested this amazing scenic route that goes from one side of the peninsula to the other, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of California, other vehicles are now permitted. Among them, you can easily find trucks, buggies, and even Beetles.

Having to go even for as little as 250 miles on these tracks requires intimate knowledge of the terrain, namely where you’re likely to jump, what to look out for, but also if there are any shortcuts throughout. One of the most alluring and daring aspects about the Baja competitions is that there’s no pre-set track or indicators. Racers are assigned a portion and then left to their own devices.

Trailing the Tours

Even if you’re not an endurance driver or rider, you can still visit and experience the stunning, sun-kissed beauty and wilderness of the Baja trails. The roads aren’t closed to the public, since it would take too many resources to do so. As such, racers often have to be wary of incoming traffic. However, you can opt to go with a trained guide who knows the area, as well as the seasonal schedule of the yearly competitions. This way, you can avoid becoming the traffic in such a perilous race.

Baja 1000 race offroad

LetsATV has a series of experienced riders who know the peninsula like the inside of their palm. They can take you on anything from a half-day tour south of San Diego to an endurance, 5-day expedition that really tests your off-road skills. It’s up to you what adventour you go on, but also, up to the people you’re with.

Everything is better when it’s done with your closest friends and family, so why not riding off-road too? Children as young as 7 can join in the dusty fun on special Youth ATVs. If nothing else, this is one experience few visitors to San Diego dare try. LetsATV’s Baja tours are suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike, but many visitors prefer to stay in the city or in the comfort of the mall.

We, however, believe in adventure. And what better way to experience it than on the dazzling off-road tracks of Baja?

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