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June 14th, 2019

The summer break is upon us. It’s that time of the year again when a holiday is in order. Going abroad might be all the rave, but there are plenty of amazing things to do back home, too. What’s the best way to kick off the fun?

summer ATV and dirtbike riding adventure tours with LetsATV

Well, call us biased, but we believe that roaring through the dusty trails of Baja Califoria on a dirtbike or quad qualifies as a good party starter. In fact, at California Motorsport Adventours, we made it our job to give you and your party the time of your lives.

Summer activities for Families and Beginners

Despite meeting our fair share of gearheads that ride the trails even better than our instructors, we generally assume that families want to take it easy. The summer sun of San Diego awaits with a relaxed, half-day family or ATV tour. These are perfect for anyone who is staying in Southern California for a little while and really wants to know what the area is about. You don’t even need to have a ride. We’ll come pick you up, fully clad you in the coolest riding gear, and let you make your choice of engine.

This is no average tourist attraction. You won’t be shopping, going to the pool, or visiting the Zoo. This is going to be you (plus anybody else that might want to tag along) and the great outdoors on the Pacific Ocean coast. A real adventure worthy of any album pic. If you’re already getting pumped just thinking about the amazing sightseeing, as well as the adrenaline of riding off-road, you might want to consider a full-day package.

The latter will give you enough time to really take in the gorgeous sand dunes alongside the Pacific. They don’t call these trails the best off-road anywhere for nothing.

The Serious Packages

summer adventure vacation in California

Whether you’re planning the bachelor party of a lifetime, a fantastic off-road trip for a group who knows their way around a dirtbike or ATV, or an extended endure trip, we’ve got you covered. Our two-day tours are designed to give you an accurate feel of the famous trails that are part of the Baja 500 and Mexico 1000 Race, as well as make it possible for you to enjoy a taste of Mexican living. Here, you’ll have an evening to spend at the local bar or soothe your joints in the alluring waters of a Jacuzzi.

For those who really mean business, the 3- or 4-day excursions taking you through 120 and 200 miles of wild terrain, respectively, represent the ultimate outdoor exploration packages. These are not for beginners, nor the feign hearted. Maybe it’s just us, but we believe that summer break is all about getting to experience things you haven’t done before.

Who hasn’t seen a mall, pool, or regular museum? They may be worth checking out, but if you want to have real fun and get a taste of adventure in the San Diego area, give us a call at California Motorsport Adventours for the ride of a lifetime.

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