4x4 Adventure through the Americas
1. Day - Las Vegas, Nevada

Our friendly staff welcomes you at Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Savor a glass of champagne in a Limo on your way to your hotel on the famous strip of Las Vegas. In the “Top of the World” dinner will be served some 300 feet above the ground. Enjoy the 360 degree view of Las Vegas over the course of your meal. Let this first day end touring through the fabulous casinos.

2. Day - Grand Canyon, Arizona

After having breakfast we depart in 4x4 Jeeps from the hotel. We’ll explore the most scenic route to Hoover Dam and visit this impressive world-renowned structure. The next height light of the day is already waiting for you. Take the unique chance and drive with us off-road on the bottom of the Grand Canyon (3000 feet down and 20 degrees in difference in temperature. After standing next to the Colorado River we will drive up trough water crossings to the "Hualapai Lodge" which is set in the Native American culture of the Hualapai Nation in Peach Springs, Arizona. Commemorate this impressive day while dining in the Diamond Greek Restaurant serving Hualapai Taco and Stew with Hualapai Fry Bread.

3. Day Grand Canyon, Arizona
Four options within the area of the Grand Canyon

1.) Off-road drive to the Grand Canyon Airport 
(our drive could takes us across an amazing Joshua Tree Forrest) where you will be transferred by helicopter to a Ranch and enjoy horseback riding 
2.) Off-road drive including a two hours hike to amazing waterfalls and the possibility of a refreshing jump into the water
3.) Off-road drive to the Grand Canyon Airport where you will be transferred by helicopter down to the Colorado River to do a boat trip enjoying the Grand Conyon from below. 
4.) Do an exiting (several hours) white water rafting trip on the turbulent Colorado River

In the late afternoon you return to the “Hualapai Lodge” or, you can also choose to go further to the next destination on our trip that is “Lake Havasu”
You will stay over night in the area of Lake Havasu Arizona.

4. Day - Lake Havasu, Arizona
Welcome to Lake Havasu! Get aboard a Boats or Jet Ski and cruise on the lake or try another water sport activity like wake board, water ski, swimming, tubing
or just relax in the sun at one of the great beaches on our way up the river. For lunch we invite you to have a picnic on a sandbank amongst the “Colorado River ”. In the afternoon you can again relish the lake and everything it offers to visitors. We stay over night in“Lake Havasu” Arizona.

5. Day Tecate, Mexico
Ride the world-famous “Glamis dunes”

After having breakfast we hit the road to “Glamis”. We go south and follow the Colorado River until we can enter the desert of “Glamis”. Here we go again off-road and dabble in driving through the dunes. This is very exciting and you will have a lot of fun. Of course it is a bit tricky but if you follow our guides you should not become stuck in the sand dunes. After two hours spending in Glamis we continue to “EL Centro” near the Mexican border. Thereafter the trek heads for South America and we go straight into Mexico. This day ends at the “Hazienda Santa Veronica” which is situated close to the famous beer town “Tecate”.

6. Day Mike Sky Ranch, Mexico
This day will be the most favorite for every 4x4 Jeep fan. We are driving about 150 miles on dirt roads only. We explore the beautiful landscape in the mountain region of Baja California and head for “Rancho Mikes”. Only 4x4 vehicles and dirt bikes find their way to this unique hotel located in the middle of absolutely nowhere. We will have dinner and also spend the night at this very silent and impressive place.

7. Day San Felipe, Mexico
Awakening in the silence around “Rancho Mikes” and well nurtured after having breakfast we will follow some off – and on -roads to “San Felipe”, a small fisher town located on the “Sea of Cortez” also known as the “Golf of California”. That is also where the Colorado River flows into the Ocean. The warm water invites to go swimming and snorkeling but we also have the opportunity to ride our 4x4 Jeeps on the wonderful beaches. Having enjoyed the sun set we’ll have dinner at a typical Mexican restaurant and spend the night at a comfortable hotel.

8. Day Palm Springs, California
In the morning we decamp back to the United States of America. Our way back leads us through a huge “Salt Lagoon”, we pass the “Salton Sea” to end up in the classy scene of “Palm Springs” At this place you can admire the beautiful buildings of some movie stars and enjoy this unique location. You are also invited to play a match of golf on one of the perfect prepared golf courts in the capital of golf. You will enjoy to the full a delicious dinner at Palm Springs and spend also the night there.

9. Day Las Vegas, Nevada
Joshua tree national Park
Two deserts, two large ecosystems whose characteristics are determined primarily by elevation, come together at Joshua Tree National Park and we drive right through its! 
We will make a short break and then continue back to Las Vegas (about 5 hours).

End of the 4x4 Tour

Required Documents for tours in Baja
Passport required for US citizens Passport and Visa required for non US citizens 

Contact us to book your tour: Phone us at: 619-350-7776 Next day bookings possible!

Total mileage: 1000 mls
3 states
3 climes
2 time zone
2 countries
Hoover Dam 
Top locations in Las Vegas
Route 66
Original Mexican Hacienda
Joshua Tree National Park
Mexican fisher town
Insiders’ tips and knowledge
Elevation changes up to 4500 ft in one day

Beautiful beaches
Diverse vegetation
Mountain area
Palm Springs
Grand Canyon
Havasu City (London Bridge)
Other options:

Visit an oasis with hot founts of Vulcan. One day trip or overnight stay in a camp (tents) nearby San Felipe.
Days for relaxing only (e.g. first day in San Felipe)
This tour can be personalized and arranged according to ones taste
Hotels (5 stars) are possible in Las Vegas and Palm Springs only
Hacienda Santa Veronica and Mike Sky Ranch are unique Mexican rustically hotels
Hotel at Lake Havasu and Hualapai Lodge are comfortable hotels (3 stars)
A professional cameraman can film the tour and create a movie about your tour.

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