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Are you wearing all the right ATV and dirt bike riding gear?

posted Jun 13, 2016, 1:34 PM by Marketing Media   [ updated Jan 30, 2017, 2:50 AM ]

If you ask most veteran riders they mostly say "I didn't start wearing all the gear until after I got hurt"  and they would recommend wearing all the safety gear you can get, it's worth it.

ATV and Dirt Bike Riding Gear
Stay safe and look good while riding. Just wear it all

This one has to be a given, and I couldn't recommend anyone ride without a proper helmet to protect your noggin because any bump on the head can mean significant problems, and personally I think its a no brainer.

Dirt bike riding helmet gear
You should always wear a helmet

Gloves will help protect your hands since off roading, like most hands-on activities, can be rough on your hands. Wearing some good gloves can help protect you from the sun, branches and especially blisters from the handlebars since most of us hold on extra tight when hitting that rough terrain.

Riding gloves
Keep your manicure looking fresh and your hand protected with a good pair of gloves

It will be getting dusty out on the trails, and I can't stress enough how important it is to be able to see the path in front of you to have excellent day ride, so a good pair a goggles is a must, and your eyes will thank you for it.

ATV and Dirt Bike Riding Protection Gloves
A good set of goggles will keep your eyes happy

Ankle support is super important while riding off road since your legs are very exposed on a bike or quad. The right footwear is essential, and I recommend to new riders, who are just trying out an ATV for the first time, to use some high top hiking or work boots. Full blown motocross boots might be a bit too cumbersome and restrictive to shift gears comfortably on an ATV, but if you are on a bike, moto boots are the best option.

Motocross boots
Thor Fly and Sidi motocross boots


Usually, elbows and knees are the first things to hit the ground even in a little tip over and wearing pads can be the difference between getting up to say "that wasn't that bad" and spending the weekend with an ice pack as your best friend.

Knee protection riding gear
Keep the rocks away from your elbows and knees

Chest protectors

This stylish looking armor that makes anyone look like a pro on the trails is pretty useful since it will deflect any rock or gravel your buddy just loves shooting your way when he's out in front or if you do take a tumble it can help avoid getting some road rash as a souvenir.

Riding Armor Gear
Every warrior needs an armor

Pants and jersey
These are what bring it all together and gives you the full pro look while at the same time adding some additional protection. The pants give you some extra abrasion protection and not to mention that they help protect from the heat of the engine while riding. The jersey might seem like it's just to look good, but it also helps keep you cool and protects you from the sun, so be sure to throw one on before heading out to the trails.

Riding gear pants and jerseys
Pants and Jerseys don't only look stylish, they help keep you safe

So at the end of the day, this is what most people would call the core gear package, and there is a lot more items out there to help keep you safe on your ride. It is all subjective on what is essential, but in our opinion this a good place to start, so stay safe and keep on riding.

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