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It's not all about tequila in Mexico!

posted May 16, 2016, 6:21 AM by Marketing Media   [ updated Jan 30, 2017, 2:52 AM ]

I was on a nice scenic dusty ride and winding through the hills brought us into the Guadalupe Valley. I felt the change to the warmer weather almost immediately. I was amazed to see fields stretching out in front of us and they were all grapes. In the middle of these fields there were beautiful homes (or what I thought were homes) that actually turned out to be wineries. All with slightly different styles with a mix of traditional Mexican architecture and something else I couldn't quite place.

wine tasting tour and atv riding

We rolled into one of the wineries on our ATVs and dirt Bikes to see and taste what they had to offer. What I found was amazing. At first, feeling a little strange walking into this beautiful place dressed with full­moto­gear, we found that some of these wineries were founded on the early 1900’s started by Russian immigrants who came to Baja from the southern part of this country during WWI. They took advantage of this Mediterranean paradise nestled in the mountains and began to grow and cultivate grapes and olives to produce, of course, wine and olive oil. Plus these, the region's climate is perfect for baking delicious bread, making delicious cheese, jams, and preserves.

I wasn't able to stay and munch on bread, cheese and sip wine though, because I was the new guy and there was work to do, so as soon as the van rolled in with the trailer, I got to work getting all the bikes loaded so everyone can hop in the van and head to the next stop on our tour and maybe get another taste of wine.

At the next stops, I learned there was more than just Russian influence in the region, but also Spanish, Italian and French; all with their own unique grape varieties with very distinct tastes, all of this contributing to the region's recent boom in the wine world quickly getting Baja a worldwide recognition for its extraordinary wine and letting everyone know that Mexico isn't only all about Tequila.

The end of the day came too quickly and the tour was over! All of us (guides and guests) feeling relaxed after a day full of exciting off­road riding and sipping wine got into the van for a ride back home enjoying the sunset while sharing stories of our favorite parts of the tour and our favorite wines, already making plans for the next trip.

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