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Bachelor Party Trip riding ATVs in Baja, California over the weekend with Ricky and his friends

posted Mar 25, 2016, 2:34 PM by Marketing Media   [ updated Jan 30, 2017, 2:54 AM ]

Recently we had the privilege of hosting a Bachelor party trip on one of our ‘‘2-day-bachelor party-tours’’ organized by our new friend Leo, the best man. A group of 10 friends was ready for a grand adventure for Ricky’s (the groom) last hurrah.

Bachelor Party Trip & ATV riding

It started simply with our meeting at the Mexico border at 9am where our friends met Markuz, who would be their driver for the next 2 days. After meeting up, they jumped into our van and rode down the coast until they got to our Baja Shop, where they got gear up and ready to ride.

After a brief orientation, they were ready to head out on the trails and see what the vast Baja terrain has to offer led by the tour guides Felipe, Waldo and Omar. At lunch time, they rolled up to our favorite‘‘Fish Taco Stand’’ in the area where everyone enjoyed the best fresh fish crafted into delicious tacos in warm handmade flour tortillas.

Bachelor Party Trip California

After a couple hours of riding they were done for the day, a little sore and dusty but with the biggest smiles talking about how much fun it was blasting around over rocks, up and down hills and surprised about all they were able to accomplish.

Making their way to the hotel to finish getting cleaned up,they found themselves at the famous “Rosarito Beach Hotel” right on the beach in the middle of town where they could enjoy some time in the hot tub to ease sore muscles and relax with a drink from the bar.

Later that evening they visited  “El Nido”, a rustic steakhouse style restaurant in the heart of Rosarito, where they could get some less common dishes like venison and rabbit cooked over an open wood fire of oak and fresh tortillas made table side over the same kind of open wood burning fire and of course some drinks.

After dinner, the group had a tour of the area led by Markuz to have another couple of beers and shots of tequilas. The next day, after a good night of sleep (and nursing a hangover), Markuz picked them up at the hotel at noon and headed straight to get some farewell tacos before taking a quick drive to the border. 

We were all very happy to see that the border line was very short and would back into the States headed home to tell all the stories from this unique bachelor party adventure in Baja California, Mexico.

See what Ricky's says after the party:

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