49th annual Baja 1000

October 18th, 2016

The Baja 1000, for many of us the main off-road event of the year and the final race of the SCORE International desert racing series, and for us, it's like Christmas came early. With a giant party before the race starts to view all the heavy hitting off-road cars, trucks, bikes and ATVs we can never get enough of it, and you can count on most if not all of our crew heading out and taking in the best offroad has to offer.

For us here at CMA we get started at the contingency row which is basically a big block party held on one of the main streets in Ensenada down in Baja. This year's event starts on Thursday, November 17th we can all have a chance to take a look at all these amazing vehicles up close and meet the racing teams. Now this is an all day event, and there is plenty to see and not to mention there are loads of vendors around supplying tacos and beer, so grab a brew and take in all the Baja goodness.

Next step is to head out and find a spot on the course where you are comfortable enough to stay put for the whole day. For some this isn't an option so scope out an area where you don't have to travel on the course to get back to the road, a quick survey of the race map and a little planning can give you a perfect place to watch the race and maybe get some cool pictures.

As always remember to plan ahead and pack everything you might need, from plenty of food and drinks, a pop-up tent for shade, first aid kit and sunscreen are just some of the essentials you should have on hand.

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