Entering Mexico and then back to the USA!

Currently people are legally crossing back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico with a valid U.S. - Goverment issued ID or Passport

There is no Passport Required for US citizens that drive or go to one of our Tours to and from Mexico.

Check this out if you consider
Driving in Mexico!

Over the past 15 years, we have driven 100,000 miles in Mexico. I would not hesitate to go right now if I wanted to or had to. I have put together some useful and interesting information on how do drive a car into Baja California, Mexico or places like Sonora and South of Texas.

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Here we wrote down some personal experiences while drive down to our vacation destinations in Mexico.
Get information for driving a car into Mexico
and obtaining Mexican Auto Insurance on-line. 
From your Mexico Auto Insurance place in San Diego.

Just have your registration and credit card ready. Everything is a very safe and
secure internet connection, just like your online banking

No Passport / Visa required, find details on the bottom of this page.

At the end of each year, the New York Police Department reports the number of killings — there were 515 in 2011.

They say Mexico is dangerous..

New York reported 515 killings in 2011.
Las Vegas reported 82 killings in 2011.

Is it safe to go to New York City or Las Vegas?
We think so.
We think it is just as safe to go to Mexico then to Vegas!
If not safer.

Just to put all the New's coverage in prospective.

It's just easier for the News to talk about other cities' or countries problems versus their own.
We guess.

They say don't drive in Mexico...

We know driving into Mexico is fine.

When driving in Mexico with Car Insurance you will have nothing to worry about other than getting lost. So find a picture map of Rosarito or Ensenda here.

But if you drive to Rosarito, Ensenada it is only one freeway. There are only 3 turns that you should know about. That's about it.

Other maps are available at local book stores and auto clubs.

I have insurance in the US 
so why would I need to get Insurance for my car to drive in Baja California Mexico or any other state south of the Border?

Well, Mexico insurance laws are different than the in the US. 
In case you get in an accident in Mexico both parties are at fault until proven otherwise.

That is when Mexico Driving Insurance kicks in and basically leaves a deposit with the Police (you will not have do anything, the agent will) until everything is settled.

If personal injuries occur you might be subject to Police detainment until further action is taken.

Buy your Mexico Car Insurance here in San Diego, online.

I heard stories about getting arrested into Mexico.

Most stories are true.
I myself heard a story like this with 2 of my friends. They got arrested, but they both don’t remember that part, only the waking up in jail part. I wonder if it was the cerveza and tequila or the bad Mexico Police.
In a total of 15 years of driving an estimated 100, 000 miles in Mexico, that is the only story I can tell you about.

Driving a rental car into Mexico.

Most companies allow you to drive in Baja Mexico but suggest not to.

Well, if you had the choice to get a car back from a US location like San Diego or Los Angeles, versus crossing into Tijuana by car and driving into Ensenada to recover a car that might have broken down on a client...what would you suggest to your costumer? 


Mexican Police. 
Respect them. They are the official law enforcement. No matter if you make 10 times the money they do, and you might think that your nationality is superior to theirs, you are wrong and are a guest in their country. So act that way...with RESPECT.

At times the Police like to fix little problems on the spot. The official way is to follow them to the Police station to receive your citation and pay it at the bank of cashier in at the station. I suggest not to pay any fine on the side of the road. Which has happened at times.

Stolen cars...

The fact is that I have had more things stolen here in San Diego than in all my years in Mexico.
Many people share the same experience. I would advise you to park you car in public places such as hotel parking lots, and just use common sense when parking your car.

Military guys with machine guns.

There are some military check points on the drive from Tijuana via Rosarito to Ensenda.
They are set-up on the side of the road and conduct random vehicle searches.
So I suggest you LEAVE YOUR GUN'S AND DRUGS AT HOME. So you will have again nothing to worry about.

Federales are a special Police force that is employed directly from the capital of Mexico City (the biggest city in the world). 
They drive black / white cars, don’t mess with them. They are the real deal. ...like Sheriffs or SHP. 
Usually Federales are very well educated and friendly. They are always willing to help.

No Passport / Visa required!

No passport is required if you stay in Baja within a 40 mile range.

If you are a US citizen, you are not required to have a passport to re-enter the US. All you will need is a state ID, DL, or School ID (if your kids have one) are fine.

You will not need a visa if you go no further than 40 miles south of the USA border, or stay under 3 days in Mexico.

If you have a passport, take it. If you are not a US citizen than you must have a passport with a I-94 card to re-enter the USA.

If you stay more than 3 days in Mexico, or travel further south than Ensenada, you must get a Mexican Tourist Visa for about US$ 20.00 at the border or in Ensenda as you enter the town. 

Mexico Insurance San Diego knows about Mainland Mexico. It has special rules for driving a car deeper then 40 miles from the US-border.

You must get a temporary import permit for you car. Registration, Passport and a credit card are required to get this permit as you cross into the Mainland Mexico. Not required in Baja California at all.
The mainland has so much to offer. 
Buy your Mexico Car Insurance here in San Diego, online.

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