To Buy or sell a used ATV or Motorcycle in San Diego or Los Angeles or Riverside you have several options. 

We think its best to buy on ebay. It has worked great for us. 
Our know-how can save you big money when you buy a used Motorcycle on ebay. More info at the very bottom of this page or go directly to ebay

Here you can also find a selection of ATV's / Dirt Bikes in the San Diego region for sale powered by Zoom photo Ads.

Here is what we think you need to know about buying a used ATV or Dirt Bike. This is our personal opinion as we have owned many ATV's and dirt bike in the past and in the present.

"Never been raced". That sounds so good. You may think you getting
a better machine that way. But you should consider how many hours
a racer will spend preparing an ATV or Dirt bike to make it race
ready to bring him to the Checkered Flag? It could very well be
that a Raced ATV is in much better condition than your once a
month going to Glamis ATV will ever be.

Like new / low hours. Now that is what I like. When looking over
the vehicle in person, simply look at the wear on the foot pegs.
Given that they are original pegs, that will tell the most about
this "low hours" statement.

Oil changed every ride. That is a good thing. How about putting
the air filter back on correctly? That is even more important if
you ask me. Or things like having enough oil in the engine in the
first place

Compare the VIN No. on the Title with the one on the frame.

More great tip at the bottom of this page.
How to buy a cheap used motorcycle, dirtbike or ATV.

Cant find a used ATV in San Diego, Riverside or Los Angeles or you want to sell your old one? We suggest buying on eBay. It has worked great for us.
Here you can go directly to ebay.

Profit from our know-how on how to buy a used Motorcycle on ebay the bottom of this page.

Yes its seems scary to buy a used ATV on Ebay but we have done it many times. And it always worked out great.

Profit from our know-how on how to buy a used Motorcycle on ebay the bottom of this page.

Tips on how to find a Dirt Bike, Motorcycle or ATV on eBay. and 
How to buy, pay have it shipped a used vehicle on eBay.

What to look for in an used ATV or Dirtbike eBay listing:

look at ALL the picture
read ALL the ad says
check the sellers feedback
you click on the name of the seller on the right
it will say meet the seller and a number with feedbacks. 
check not only if he has good feedback but how many, how many from selling?
check how long he has been a member
write an email. ask about title, papers, damages,
check were he is?
ask about if he can help to crate it for shipping
ask how much he will charge for that
we offer discounted shipping rates with a company called forwardair. The have locations near all big cities and are very fast and for about 300.00 you can ship a dirt bike cross country from the East Cost all the way to San Diego in no-time.
ask were the bike or quad is located...if he starts oh...well the bike is in europe but i can ship it him to since it is one of the RARE scammers that try to rip you off on eBay instead getting a fair or great deal.

Bidding on a used Motorcycle or 4-Wheeler on eBay:
Look if there is a reserve (min. price) if there is you might bid and still not win the item!
Make up your mind how much you would like to pay for this the Motorcycle or ATV. 
Don't forget the money you will spend (safe) on shipping, cashier-check and so on.
Use in the search option the Completed Listings box to see Bikes or ATV's that have previously sold on eBay
Can be helpful to make up your mind on how much it might be worth.
Get ready. Log-in and get put a bid in. You can start putting a smaller amount and then go back later to put your maximum bid amount in there.

Careful don't miss the auction (it happened to me at times) 

After you did Win a Bid for a Dirtbike, ATV or Motorcycle on eBay
now the scary part....ask how he wants to get paid

This is how i would do it:
You pay a deposit with paypal at the end of the auction. Then you try to meet the buyer
to hand him cash or cashier-check after checking the bike over and the title/frame. You can bring the listing printed out..(in case it does not match the bikes condition). 

Ask the seller if he comes near your area soon? Think of friends that live in his town and come visit you, That can safe you a trip (friends could be also great to hand him the cash and help you with crating).

Ship a motorcycle, Dirtbike or ATV from eBay to you
Contact the seller. Get it all dialed in.
Contact us or to find location near you and the seller.
Bring vehicle there. You must have it crated or request a shipping container from them or us.
Use a shipper that does not need crating.

Register an Out of State motorcycle, ATV or Vehicle:
In CA all you got to do is bring the vehicle, title, bill of sale to the DMV and get the bike inspected. Done.
We don't know how to do it in Arizona or Nevada or any other states but it might be the same.

All the info here is a guideline for you, the ATV Trader. It is not verified information. Simply a helper and knowledge that we have personally accumulated. Not studied or checked in detail. It is up to you to make sure the given info is correct and will help help you to with your next Motorcycle Trade in San Diego.

We do not own or have owned or have anything to do with the items listed on our Used ATV in San Diego section. The listed used vehicles are from private sellers and possibly dealers around San Diego, Los Angeles, El Centro and Yuma region.

This is simply a advertising platform for sellers provided by our friends from Zoomphotoads, Ebay or other companies to buy or sell a used Atv or 4 Wheelers in San Diego and Tijuana Mexico like a used Honda 400EX, Honda 250EX, Yamaha Breeze, Yamaha Grizzly, Raptors, YFZ 450
or Dirt Bikes like Honda XR400, Honda XR250, Honda CRF230
Yamaha WR250 WR450
Moto Cross Bikes like Yamaha YZ250, Honda CR250, Honda CRF450 CRF250 are also for sale here and on ebay.
Baja Motorsports enthusiast can end an email if you need help to buy a used motorcycle or quad.

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