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Dirt bike riding revolution comes to Baja

posted Dec 15, 2014, 8:54 AM by Marketing Media   [ updated Dec 15, 2014, 8:55 AM ]
So back to the time when the dirt bike riding revolution came and two stroke revolution took off. To me it started when Ake Jonson, Torsten Hallman and several of the top European riders from that era came over to promote motocross. 

I was at Ascot park in Gardena, CA to visit some of my old racing buddies. Every Friday night they had a half mile race there.   What I do remember is that during halftime they had set up a mini motocross course, something you could lay out from the goal line to the uprights on a football field and it was smooth. They had a little gentleman's race on that course and the Americans won. I think Eddie Mulder was first or maybe it was Van Leeuwen. Being a loyal American and seeing the Americans put it to the Europeans on this flat, smooth course, I was sure we were going to dust them.  

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On the next day there was a real motocross race at Corrigan Ville ranch, which later became Hopetown. It was a long, European-style race course with a deep waterhole and everything nasty. This waterhole was between two banks and about three feet high, and the Europeans banked off the vertical walls for about twenty yards to stay out of the deep water, while the Americans plowed through it. The Europeans on their CZ's, huskies and Maicos annihilated us and it was not for quite a few years that we began to catch up, but motocross was on its way.

We flew down to a new fly-in resort called Serenidad in Mulege, in about sixty-five, with my wife, my buddy Wes and his girlfriend Linda. There was no road at that time, so like L.A. Bay you either flew in or came by boat. Mulege had the territorial prison and since there was no way out, they let the convicts out to work during the day. Serenidad was built quite luxuriously, but the walls and the fences down there were made of sticks so you could see between the cracks.    

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At the bar you made your own drinks and wrote the tab on a clipboard hanging on the wall. A bunch of teenage kids, who were the winners from the "Orange County register" subscription drive were flown down there along with their subscription manager, as a reward. It was evening and the kids were in their big, circular room with the lights on. Their chaperone, with whom we had been drinking, came back to the bar and said " c'mon you have to hear this ", so we snuck up to the outside and listened and peeked inside, watching these fifteen and sixteen year olds discussing the only subject of interest at that age. 

Now Linda, a tall, statuesque, blonde swede is the most spectacular girl I have ever known and as we were watching, the subject turned to her and one kid said:  "boy, I would like to get hold of that big, blonde lady ". It took off from there and we could not get out fast enough with our ears burning. I never asked Linda how it made her feel, but I suspect she was used to it.