Saddle up and throw your leg over the seat of one of our ATVs.

Our one day ATV tour is perfect for just having fun for the day or upping your skill level with the support of our expert guides and all while enjoying the spectacular scenery on the mountain trails near San Diego or down in Baja at your pace with one of our guides.

One day atv riding tour adventure
$ 275.00

• 6 hours riding on Dirt Bike or ATV
• Basic riding safety gear Helmet,
  Goggle, Gloves
• Professional Tour Guide
• OHV Off Road Park entry fee
• Drinking Water 
• Vehicle Fuel 
• Lunch (one serving)

  • 6 hours riding on Dirt Bike or ATV
  • Basic riding safety gear Helmet, Goggle, Gloves
  • Professional Tour Guide.
  • OHV Off Road Park entry fee
  • Drinking Water
  • Vehicle Fuel
  • Lunch (one serving)

The OHV park winds around San Diego's beautiful mountains and at times gives us a view of the Cleveland National Forest. Riders of all skill levels will get the chance to explore remote trails and to enjoy fascinating mountain views. The weather is mild up in the mountains, so see us on your Our company has been operating ATV and Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tours for over ten years right here in San Diego, you tour guides will have tons of experience. You will get tired when doing this, we will accommodate all riders and skills and have yet to see any rider that can out-ride any of our great motorcycle guides.

1 Day Tour Pricing:

Price per person $275.00 + ($35 Vehicle set-up fee)

Ready... Contact our office at 619-350-7776. Set... Spaces often fill quickly, so call in to reserve your tour for only a 10% required deposit. Go... Let's ride today! To learn more, visit our FAQ or Terms of Service page.


Trail Warrior Package: Look great in your pics (and protect yourself) with this full set of Riding Gear! Along with helmets, goggles and gloves, you get matching jerseys, pants, chest protectors, elbow pads, knee protectors, and boots. Freshly cleaned for you for only $25.00 per day.

Damage waivers $35 on the first day, $10 each additional day covers damage costs up to $1,000.00. 

Rock the Trail with Extra Horsepower: Our powerful premium motorcycles, the KTM 450 or Honda CRF450X, rent for $60.00 for the Day-Trip.
Hotel pick-up in San Diego is available.

Note: Our one-day ATV tour prices are based on a minimum of 2 people per group, and if riding by yourself a Single Rider Fee may apply

Required Documents for tours in Baja
Passport required for US citizens Passport and Visa required for non US citizens 

Contact us to book your tour: Phone us at 619-350-7776 Next-day bookings possible!

talk to us call 619 350 7776


9:00 a.m. Depending on your personalized tour arrangements, our friendly guide will pick you up at either your hotel (fees may apply) or at a parking lot (secured) near the border to Baja California Mexico some 15 miles south of San Diego. Meet our guide, board the van and we are on our way! Take the time to watch the scenery pass by; there are some unique notable sites to view.

10:00 a.m. Upon arrival at the guides will welcome you and distribute the gear bags; your Motorcycle or ATV tour guide will give you detailed instructions on how to ride a Quad or Dirt Bike. Now it's time to kick up some dirt and get comfortable off-roading at your speed. Ride the track on our ranch until you are comfortable with your vehicle. Then we will head out to explore the beautiful sandy and rocky trails, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

1:00 p.m. Lunchtime, Taco time. We will stay on our Dirtbikes or 4 Wheeler’s as we meander our way through the back streets of Puerto Nuevo or Rosarito. We will spend our lunch time at the best, authentic taco stand in the region.

2:00 p.m. After lunch, we offer you the choice of riding terrain. Provided the morning went smoothly and you have a good grip on how to ride your chosen vehicle, you may decide you want to attack the rugged mountain trails. We will ride a variety of Baja Trails, 40-80 miles loops, mellow to aggressive. The trails are certainly a more rugged terrain providing you with new and incredible views in all directions. These trails have been all part of the famous Baja 500 or Mexico 1000 Race at one point.

ATTENTION: Going to the mountain trails is entirely dependent upon your ability to ride and control your off-road vehicle. Your guide is in charge of evaluating each rider. The mountain trails are rough terrain, and if you are not able to control your vehicle, you will not be able to ride the trails. This goes for riders of all ages.

If you are concerned that you won't be able to ride the trails, we suggest you participate in one of the 2-day tours. This way you spend the first day getting to know your vehicle, and the second day we will get you to the trails.

4:00 p.m. Riding Ends. Well done, after your solid day of riding we will have worn you out!

Now is the time to say good by to the ATV’s, Motorcycles and the great riding in Baja California Mexico.

But wait! Your experience doesn’t have to end! Are you hungry again? Haven’t had your fill of what Baja has to offer? Let’s go into the village where we can sit by the water and you can try out our favorite dinner with a lobster dinner in Puerto Nuevo. If time permits, take a stroll down the cobblestone street where all the street vendor call out for your attention (call for pricing).

After a full day of riding and exploring, let’s call it a day. We’ll board to tour van and return to the States. Take one last look at the passing scenery, and think of the next time you can come back!

Travel time approximately 60 minutes + border wait (estimated at 45 min.)

Schedule times are negotiable. ATV or Motorcycle Baja Tours, especially with kids, might have different itineraries. 
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